Brad and Steve specialize in cross-domain thinking, weaving together ideas from athletics, business, and psychology to better understand performance in all aspects of life.

Brad & Steve speak and conduct workshops on a broad range of topics including: 

  • Defining and following a path for long-term progression (stress + rest = growth)

  • Mental toughness

  • Developing and harnessing productive passion

  • Settling into deep-focus "flow" states

  • Managing uncertainty

  • Resilience 

  • Self-awareness

  • Linkage between mental health, wellbeing, and performance

  • Risk-taking

  • Effective leadership

  • Evidence-based learning methods 

  • Development of optimal routines

  • Values- and purposed-based decision making

  • Talent development

  • Work-life integration ​

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We work with individuals, groups, and organizations to hone the key practices required for peak performance. Our practice includes traditional consulting engagements as well as group workshops. 

Brad Stulberg brings a wealth of experience which includes working at McKinsey and Company and one-on-one mental-skills coaching with executive leaders. 

Steve Magness has coached Olympic athletes, developed performance initiatives for international  organizations, consulted with business executives, and provided one-on-one mental skills coaching to executives.

Their collective background allows them to take the best insights from traditionally-siloed fields and apply them to your unique context

Topics of expertise include:


  • A term born in athletics, periodization means working in cycles of stress and rest. Much like any other muscle, the human mind grows and functions best when it is pushed close to its limit and then given time to recover.  Contrary to the constant grind of moderately-hard work, a periodized approach demands that individuals alternate between bouts of intense focus and rest. Working in this manner maximizes performance over the course of a day, week, month, year and even entire career. We partner with clients to develop their own periodized approach by showing them what “intense focus” and “rest” really mean, as well as how to modulate between the two on both micro and macro scales and across diverse settings.  

    The Path of Mastery: Stress + Rest = Growth

  • Top performers don’t leave anything to chance. Rather, they take explicit steps to put their body and mind in the right position to excel at a given task. While this sort of priming may seem like an art, there’s actually quite a bit of science to it. We help clients apply the science of performance readiness across various contexts: from entering a flow state during solitary working sessions, to preparing for important meetings, to collecting oneself prior to high-pressure presentations.

    Performance Readiness

  • No one understands how important it is to minimize the stress associated with travel more than elite athletes, who must often cross multiple time zones to get to world championship events.  But the strategies they use are available to anyone. From providing tactics to ensure appropriate sleep – both during travel and upon arrival at a new destination – to immune system support and nutrition management, we work with clients to minimize the impact of travel.

    Travel and Sleep Optimization

  • A growing body of research shows that having a greater purpose – a sense of “why” that gives something meaning – is extremely important when it comes to health, happiness, and performance. Although developing such a purpose may seem like a tall order, we use a step-by-step program to help. Once we’ve worked with clients to develop a purpose, we show them how to use it strategically to boost motivation, and more importantly, to ensure satisfaction and fulfillment.

    Motivation and Purpose Development

  • Drawing from the latest research and our work with successful athletic teams, we work with clients to develop a high-performance and collaborative work culture. Research shows that the least motivated individual in a group is often the driver behind the performance of even your top employees. In other words, every individual in the group matters! We help clients to find and understand the key drivers for every team member, which helps guide individualized motivation tactics. We also offer group workshops designed to highlight  how every team member matters, empowering employees to reach their best performance.

    Effective Leadership and Team Culture

  • Any individual or organization committed to pushing their limits is bound to come up short from time to time. We believe that the key to long-term progression is not avoiding failure or uncomfortable situations, but rather, growing from them. We teach clients how to frame disappointments - where subtle nuances can mean the difference between a downward spiral and long-term growth and progression. We also provide clients with evidenced-based psychological tools designed to help them manage and cope with high-pressure situations.

    Resilience and Burnout Prevention