A Guide to Going All In, Finding Success, and Discovering the Benefits of an Unbalanced Life

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Select highlights:

  How to cultivate passion in a way that is sustainable and healthy. (Hint: you don't just magically find your passion!)

  The relationship between passion, addiction, and mental illness.

  The difference between harmonious passion (the best kind of passion) and obsessive passion (a destructive force), and how to nurture the former and avoid the latter.

  The mastery mindset, which ensures you stay passionate  about your endeavor without becoming a slave to external results.

 Focusing on process over outcomes.

 The illusion of living a perfectly "balanced" life and why passion coupled with self-awareness trumps "balance" any day.

 Why moving on from a passion can be so hard and tips on how to do so with grace and grit.

  And so much more...


A valuable volume about finding and embracing passion, avoiding burnout, and carefully navigating an unbalanced life."

Publisher's Weekly


Common advice is to find and follow your passion. A life of passion is a good life, or so we are told. But it's not that simple. Rarely is passion something that you just stumble upon, and the same drive that fuels breakthroughs—whether they're athletic, scientific, entrepreneurial, or artistic—can be every bit as destructive as it is productive. Yes, passion can be a wonderful gift, but only if you know how to channel it. If you're not careful, passion can become an awful curse, leading to endless seeking, suffering, and burnout.

Authors of the bestselling Peak Performance Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness once again team up, this time to demystify passion, showing readers how they can find and cultivate their passion, sustainably harness its power, and avoid its dangers. They ultimately argue that passion and balance--another virtue touted by our culture--are incompatible, and that to find your passion, you must lose balance. And that's not always a bad thing. Strong passion married with strong self-awareness trumps balance any day.

Readers learn how to develop the right kind of passion, the kind that leads to a meaningful, fulfilling life and sustainable performance. Swift, compact, and powerful, this thought-provoking book combines captivating stories of extraordinarily passionate individuals with the latest science on the biological and psychological factors that give rise to—and every bit as important, sustain—passion.