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State of the Peak Performance Newsletter

November 6, 2019


It's kind of hard to believe that this is the 150th issue of the Peak Performance—soon to be formerly known as Peak Performance, more on that in a bit—newsletter. This endeavor started just over three years ago, as a way to keep our intimate following abreast of our progress researching and writing our first book, Peak Performance. A lot has changed since then. Our intimate digital community—that is, this newsletter—has grown from about 100 people to over 14,000. We've gone from publishing newsletters once a month, to twice a month, to every Thursday morning, which has been our routine for the last two years. The topics we cover have expanded to include a broad but deep exploration of the art, science, and application of performance and well-being. Not the BS "hacks" or gimmicks that tend to dominate this space. But the stuff that actually works. We want to be a signal amidst a whole lot of noise. 

According to engagements rates, here's what you're most interested in:


  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Community Building

  • Drive and Passion

  • Toughness

  • Life as a Practice

  • Purpose and Core Values

  • Resilience 

  • Flow

  • Recovery

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Compassion

  • High-Performance Habits


We have an industry-leading open rate of just over 40 percent, which is great. But that doesn't mean we are satisfied. We want to do more to engage you and enrich the conversation. To that end, some exciting changes are coming.

We are re-branding the newsletter as The Growth Equation: The Art, Science, and Practice of Performance and Wellbeing. We feel this more accurately describes what we're interested in and what we do. The end-game is productive growth, as individuals and communities. We hold the concepts we discuss up to a three-legged stool: Are they supported by art and history? Are they supported by scientific theory and empirical evidence? Are they supported by the daily application of real people—in other words, practice—in the real world? There's also this: though we're all interested in achieving our utmost potential and peak performance, there is no denying that this must rest upon a solid base, a foundation, of well-being—something that, sadly, is becoming more elusive in the modern world. So we're going to continue to beat the no-nonsense wellbeing drum over and over again. It's a $4.2 trillion dollar wellness industry. Yet 99 percent of the stuff that works you can't buy. You can only learn and apply.

We are also overhauling our website. We've published over 300 essays and articles, which is great. But they haven't been organized in any useful way. That's our bad, and we're fixing it. (To be honest, we never anticipated or planned for this kind of growth, but here we are.) The new website will be much easier to navigate. Our goal is to move from data and information (what we currently provide) to an interlocking web of concepts, tools, and resources that will help you create and apply your own personal philosophy of performance and well-being. 

We've got no plans to stop writing books. That's still a top priority and we've already got new and exciting projects in the works. Yet we've also heard from many of you over the last few years that you'd like a podcast. We kept saying no, that niche is already overfilled. And yet, you kept asking. About a month or so ago we had a light-bulb moment. We realized that there's a unique format for a podcast that hasn't been tried, at least not in the realm of performance and well-being, so we decided to give it a shot. We can't say more now, but for those of you who have been bugging us: yes, the time has come. We're launching The Growth Equation podcast in 2020. For better or worse, that's our plan.

As a part of this expansion, we are, for the first time, seeking newsletter sponsors. Our reason for this is simple: we want to expand our content and explore better ways to bring our vision of well-being and performance to the world, and partnering with brands that share that mission allows us to do so. We believe (and know from our own personal experience) that there are plenty of brands out there doing great work which aligns with our core values. We want to partner with these brands. The reader experience won't change outside of being alerted to neat stuff that can help support your practice of the stuff we write about.
If you are with a brand that is interested in partnering, please reach out to us here


We want to end by thanking all of you for being such an engaging and thoughtful community. We feel so fortunate to have you with in an ongoing and substantive conversation about stuff that actually matters. If you have any ideas or feedback, please reach out on twitter @Bstulberg and @SteveMagness

The Passion Paradox we write about the barbell effect: or how contrary to common thinking, the best way to pursue a passion is NOT to drop everything and go all-in, but instead, to start as a side gig and gradually make it a bigger part of your life (and income). We advise that people don't make the jump to all-in for quite some time. Yet, at some point, going all-in is the right thing to do; the thing you feel like you have to do, even if it seems like taking a leap of faith. Well, after five years of building, two books, countless articles and essays published in national and international outlets, multiple speaking gigs, and coaching practices including world-class (in sport and business) clients, we're finally following our own advice and going pro, full-time. Thanks for your support and for joining us on the ride.

In the coming days we'll be unveiling The Growth Equation in full. Until then, we'll leave you with our new logo. 




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