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The Passion Paradox

February 25, 2019

The Passion Paradox, our new book, is now available for pre-order with EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL!​


Over the last three years, we have been researching, reporting, and writing a book on the art and science of living with passion. We started this book long before Peak Performance was published and gave it our all. A bit more on The Passion Paradox is below. We think it's a great book—our best work yet. We're proud of it. 
The book is finally available for pre-order. When you pre-order, you'll get some really neat bonuses that complement the book. If you are going to read the book, please consider this option. Not only will you get the free bonus material, but it also helps get the book off on a strong foot. With your help, we want to start a global conversation around the truth about passion much like we did with peak performance.

Worth noting: many booksellers are running special pre-order discounts. We encourage you to consider supporting your local bookstore. If you are price sensitive, Amazon and Barnes and Noble have the book on sale for only $13!! That's a crazy good deal.

Check out the free pre-order bonuses here. Once you order, you claim the bonuses with your order information by filling out the this form (details are on the same website). 


What Early Readers are Saying About the Book


"Should we throw everything to the wind and follow our passions? Or should we strive for balance and let our passions cool? This book offers the surprising, nuanced, and research-backed answer." - Daniel H. Pink, Bestselling author of When and Drive.

"I feel like this book was written for me. I had to resist underlining every sentence." -Shalane Flanagan. New York City Marathon Champion, Four-Time Olympian, and New York Times bestselling author.

"This thoughtful, immediately readable book shows how to manage passion so it brings out the best in us rather than the worst in us.“ - Adam Grant. New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take and Originals.

"The Passion Paradox brings together multiple angles to peer over the edge at something difficult to grasp but incredibly important to people."David Epstein. New York Times bestselling author of The Sports Gene.

"A valuable volume about finding and embracing passion, avoiding burnout, and carefully navigating an unbalanced life." - Publisher's Weekly


Brief Overview


Common advice is to find and follow your passion. A life of passion is a good life, or so we are told. But it's not that simple. Rarely is passion something that you just stumble upon, and the same drive that fuels breakthroughs—whether they're athletic, scientific, entrepreneurial, or artistic—can be every bit as destructive as it is productive. Yes, passion can be a wonderful gift, but only if you know how to channel it. If you're not careful, passion can become an awful curse, leading to endless seeking, suffering, and burnout. Passion and high-performance go hand-in-hand. But so do passion and burnout, angst, and depression.

The goal of this book is to demystify passion. We wanted to explore and show how you can find and cultivate your passion, sustainably harness its power, and avoid its dangers. We ultimately argue that passion and balance—another virtue touted by our culture—are incompatible, and that to find your passion, you must lose balance. And that's not always a bad thing, at least according to our research and reporting. Strong passion married with strong self-awareness trumps balance any day.

In The Passion Paradox, you'll learn how to develop the right kind of passion, the kind that leads to a meaningful, fulfilling life and sustainable performance. Swift, compact, and powerful, this book combines captivating stories of extraordinarily passionate individuals with the latest science on the biological and psychological factors that give rise to—and every bit as important, sustain—passion.

Pre-Order and Claim Your Free Bonuses here.


Your Help


Lastly: We are reaching out to those who have interest in covering the book and/or sharing it with your audience. If you are a member of the media or have a blog, website, podcast, or large social media following, please help us out by submitting your information on this form. We will be in touch shortly.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support. We can't wait for you to read this book.



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