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Best of Peak Performance, 2017

December 27, 2017


Thanks, all, for being readers of the newsletter and members of the broader Peak Performance community. It was an exciting year: the newsletter grew to over 10,000 subscribers and Peak Performance, the book, became a top-10 Amazon bestseller. We do our best to practice what we preach (release from ego and external validation) but there's no denying that these "accomplishments" make us feel good. But if ego accounts for 20 percent of that good feeling, then the other 80 percent is the fun, growth, and excitement that comes from sharing, discussing, debating, and applying the ideas that make up Peak Performance, and doing so in a community of like-minded others who are interested in authenticity and growth. For all the downsides of digital devices and social media, a big upside is the ability to form global communities like this one, which we think is pretty neat. So thanks again for being a part of it. 

Without further ado, here are the most popular newsletters, columns, and blog posts from the past year. Wishing you a happy New Year and looking forward to keeping this going in 2018.


Brad and Steve


Most Popular Newsletters from 2017

1. A Top-Down Toolkit to Understand and Prevent Burnout
2. The Problem with Hack Culture
3. The Complexification of Everything: When - And When Not - to Use Data
4. Emotional Flexibility + Coach People, Not Numbers
5. How to Make Yourself Resilient to Failure -- and Success


Brad's Top Columns from 2017

1. Maybe We All Need a Little Less BalanceNew York Times
2. 8 Simple Tips to Live Longer and Healthier, Outside
3. Sometimes Not Working is the Work, New York Mag
4. Why Do Rich People Love Endurance Sports? Outside
5. The Curse of Being Too Passionate, New York Mag


Steve's Top Blog Posts from 2017


1. An Analysis of Eliud Kipchoge's Training before the Berlin Marathon

2. Forget The Gadgets and Hacks: Nail The Basics

3. A Message to Speed/Power/Conditioning Coaches RE: Endurance Development

4. The Insecurity of Hard work

5. The Balancing Act: Developing Speed and Endurance


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